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 Marine Explosion Proof Motor Control Box

The BQC series (‖B) of explosion proof marine motor control panels controls the starting up and operation of AC motors in shipping machines running on gas, chemicals, or oil. If explosive gas is present, these explosion-proof control boxes will keep operation safe. With remote control features, the motor control box features direct starting, star angle starting, self coupled voltage reduction and soft starting.

Application Environment:
Ambient temperature: -25℃- 45℃
Humid air, oil mist, salt mist
There are influences of shock, vibration when the ship is in normal operation.
Inclination, Swing: ±22.5°
Explosive gas atmosphere hazardous location: 1 district, 2 district
Steam level of inflammable gas: ‖A,‖B
Temperature classification: T1-T4
Explosion proof class of control box: Exd‖BT4
Protection class: IP56

Overall and Mounting Dimensions:
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