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At Hengli, we thrive on the power of the motor. That's why our high performing general and marine motors, mining motors, and hoisting motors are designed to be long lasting, reliable, and powerful enough to get the job done while withstanding any environmental changes such as sea spray, fungus, humidity or ice. With nearly 50 years of experience in the motor industry, we take a leading role in developing new technologies and models with our partners in Chinese research institutes and universities and serve our local and international customers by offering over 2,000 readily available models.

Main Products
    1. High Efficiency Three-phase Induction Motor

      The M2E-H series of high efficiency three-phase induction motors are completely enclosed fan-cooled marine motors of the squirrel-cage type. This series features low noise, high insulation, and multiple safety systems. These efficient induction motors drive various machines on ships such as pumps, blowers, separators, hydraulic engines and other auxiliary equipment.

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    1. Three-Speed Three-Phase Induction Motor (for Lifting) The YZ-H series of three-speed three-phase induction motors for lifting meet GB755 and GB/T7060 standards for rotating electrical machines in ships. These three-speed motors feature low noise, safety devices, and reliable operation over the long-term.
    1. Explosion Proof Three-Phase Induction Motor

      The YB2-H series of the explosion-proof three-phase induction motors is a completely enclosed fan-cooled induction motor of the squirrel-cage type. The motors are designed and manufactured according to national standards for electrical equipment in explosive working environments and are flameproof, high performing, and quiet.

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    1. Variable Frequency Three-phase Induction Motor

      The YVF2-H Series of variable frequency adjustable speed three-phase induction motor is efficient and energy-saving. Equipped with a frequency converter, this adjustable speed motor has low noise and vibration, a high starting torque, small starting current, reliable operation, and convenient maintenance. Flat and step less speed regulation can be done in 3(5)~100Hz or more.

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    1. Marine Motor Control Panel

      The QDC series of the marine motor control panel is used to control three phase induction motor’s direct starting in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. This motor control box runs on every kind of ship and has protections against short circuits, default phases, overloads and voltage loss. The control box can be programmed with remote control.

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    1. Explosion Proof Marine Motor Control Panel

      The BQC series (‖B) of explosion proof marine motor control panels controls the starting up and operation of AC motors in shipping machines running on gas, chemicals, or oil. If explosive gas is present, these explosion-proof control boxes will keep operation safe. With remote control features, the motor control box features direct starting, star angle starting, self coupled voltage reduction and soft starting.

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