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Control Panels and Spare Parts (for Marine Use)

Hengli's control panels and spare parts for marine use control three-phase induction motor’s direct starting and clockwise and counterclockwise rotation in any shipping machinery. With protection against short circuits, default phase, overloading and voltage loss, the marine control boxes help induction motors run stably and automatically in constant water pressure machines such as air compressors, ventilators, water pumps, central air-conditioners, port machinery, oil ships, oil platforms, boilers, and paper manufacturing machinery.

    1. Marine Motor Control Panel

      The QDC series of the marine motor control panel is used to control three phase induction motor’s direct starting in clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. This motor control box runs on every kind of ship and has protections against short circuits, default phases, overloads and voltage loss. The control box can be programmed with remote control.

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    1. Explosion Proof Marine Motor Control Panel

      The BQC series (‖B) of explosion proof marine motor control panels controls the starting up and operation of AC motors in shipping machines running on gas, chemicals, or oil. If explosive gas is present, these explosion-proof control boxes will keep operation safe. With remote control features, the motor control box features direct starting, star angle starting, self coupled voltage reduction and soft starting.

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    1. Marine Switchboard The ZP series of marine switchboards is used in every kind of ship, ocean platform, port, and dock at both fixed and mobile power stations. The rated voltage is not more than 690V, the frequency is 50/60HZ and the control power is from 20 to 1600KW. Single or multiple generators control and protect the power supply system of this marine control panel against faulty or overloaded operation.
    1. Marine Push Button BoxThe YN4-H series marine push button box is used on every kind of ship and can be equipped with corresponding auxiliary marine equipment and motor control boxes. The push button control panel monitors the motor’s starting, stopping and running, even at long distances.
    1. Marine Master ControllerThe LK911-A series of marine master controllers controls AC and DC circuits. The electrical control box controls the starting, running, speed changing, reversing and braking of motors used on winch lass machinery devices.
    1. Anchor Windlass Control Box The anchor windlass control box is used to control electrical anchors and windlass AC motor’s starting, stopping, and rotating. This marine control box protects against short circuits, defaults, overloads and voltage loss.
    1. Integrated Control ConsoleThe integrated control console for naval and marine use controls, detects problems, and protects main engines of shipping machinery. We offer coupled consoles and wheelhouse consoles which come with main engine controls, inspection alerts, broadcast systems and fog horn equipment.