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HLZ Series Electromagnetic Brake

The HLZ series electromagnetic brake produces a brake torque through friction caused by spring pressure, meaning if the brake is not electrified, it won’t brake. Meeting CCS, ABS, and BV standards, the marine electromagnetic brake is used in motors, hoisting equipment and deck machinery. This dry friction brake features IP56 protection, strong reliability, a long lifetime and easy maintenance.

Type Brake torque / N.m Standard voltage/V Power/W Work clearance Brake times
HLZ112 35 DC110 165 0.5~2.0mm 120 /h
HLZ132 70 190
HLZ160 160 195
HLZ180 205 240
HLZ200 260 275
HLZ225 470 320
HLZ250 880 360
HLZ280 1600 330
Note:1. We can custom design brakes.
2. Standard voltage can be customized to another voltage class.
3. The A Series brake clearance is not changeable, but the B series clearance is.
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