About Us

Hengli first began in 1966 as Dezhou Electric Motor Factory producing general motors. Since then our company has evolved into Dezhou Hengli Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd, one of the largest marine motors manufacturers in China.

About Us

We make over 2,000 models of general motors, marine motors, flameproof motors for mining, marine motors for single-side thrusters, frequency conversion motors, and other motors. Our marine motors for hoisting are our most popular motor, sold internationally to over 30 countries and regions. Each of our motors meets international IEC standards and standards for machinery on sea-going vessels. Our marine and general motors are used in oil platforms, ship generators, electric dragging, deck machinery, ventilators, and pumps in a wide variety of industries, including shipping, transportation, chemical, oil rigging, textiles, mining and construction.

With more than 20 sales offices around the country, we offer fast and efficient services to our customers and great technical support.

Developing History:
Hengli has a large team of 700 workers, including over 100 experienced technicians. With dozens of production lines for processing, assembling, and testing, we have an annual production capacity of 1,500,000 KW of motor power. From the beginning design to production to servicing you, our customer, outstanding quality is our goal.

Hengli’s research and technology projects have included many partners with nearby research institutes, universities, and colleges, helping us to be at the forefront of new developments in the motor industry. In Shandong Province, we have established the Provincial Technology Research Center and Shandong Province Marine Electric Engineering Research Center. Hengli’s marine and general motors have earned more than 30 national patents and we have helped set 13 national and industry standards for motors and electronics. As we pursue innovation and quality, our products gain local and regional technology awards.

We believe in the power of the long-term. As we near 50 years of operation as a business, we are grateful for the past which has given us years of experience and the loyalty of many customers at home and abroad. And we look ahead to the future, to the power we can harness with remodeled and technologically new motors as we continue to advance our understanding of the best ways motors work on land and at sea.