Marine Switchboard

The ZP series of marine switchboards is used in every kind of ship, ocean platform, port, and dock at both fixed and mobile power stations. The rated voltage is not more than 690V, the frequency is 50/60HZ and the control power is from 20 to 1600KW. Single or multiple generators control and protect the power supply system of this marine control panel against faulty or overloaded operation.

Customized Configurations of the Switchboard
1. Overload and short circuit protection
2. Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
3. Overfrequency and underfrequency protection
4. Ship/shore power interlock
5. Generator manual and automatic parallel operation
6. Manual/automatic voltage, frequency, load adjustment
7. Insulation inspection of power network
8. Measuring electrical parameter
9. Fault alarm

Please specify the following when ordering:
1. Generator parameters (electrical parameters, speed and voltage adjustment method)
2. Electricity one-time system diagram
3. Space dimensions of power distribution room
4. Instrument configuration
5. Type of main switch, overload switch
6. Maintenance method (front panel, back panel)
7. Inlet wire method (upper, back, bottom)
8. Other.

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